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The family law chennai divorce lawyer: a chennai divorce lawyer at the service of family problems.

The family law chennai divorce lawyer deals with all matters related to family matters: marriage, divorce, children, guardianship and trusteeship, domestic violence, inheritance, etc. It is compulsory for certain procedures (divorce for example) and optional for others (curatorship and tutorship for example). It has an advisory function, but also represents its client before the JAF.

What cases does the family law chennai divorce lawyer handle?

It is advisable to use a family law chennai divorce lawyer for all family matters.
A family law chennai divorce lawyer handles all family matters : marriage and divorce, PACS, children, adoption, succession, curatorship, guardianship, etc.
You can also consult a family law chennai divorce lawyer for family-related tax matters.

Why consult a family law chennai divorce lawyer?

Couples are the main reason for using a family Chennai divorce lawyer.

A family law chennai divorce lawyer, for example, can advise you on the choice of matrimonial property regime and help you draft the marriage contract .

Couples will be forced to hire a divorce lawyer for a divorce. The latter must be present during the hearing or hearings before the family affairs judge.

A chennai divorce lawyer can also advise you on the PACS , explain the advantages of this contract and help you draft the agreement. For the termination of a PACS before the judge, the use of a chennai divorce lawyer is not compulsory.

The family law attorney also manages all matters relating to children: recognition of paternity , attribution of parental authority , adoption , parental custody , alimony , access and accommodation rights, etc.

You are usually high recommended to make use of family lawyer chennai divorce lawyer in cases of domestic violence. If you are a victim of domestic violence (physical, psychological or sexual), the chennai divorce lawyer will inform you about your rights and the possible remedies against your violent spouse.

It is best to use a family law chennai divorce lawyer before proceedings before the guardianship judge (protection of adults, curatorship and guardianship ). Finally, the family law attorney also deals with inheritance disputes .

When to consult a family law chennai divorce lawyer?

A Chennai divorce lawyer is not only responsible for representing his client before a judge. The missions of the Chennai divorce lawyer also relate to legal advice. Consulting a Chennai divorce lawyer allows you to better understand their rights and the procedures to follow.

It is therefore advisable to consult a family law Chennai divorce lawyer as soon as you are faced with a problem related to your family situation. The earlier the Chennai divorce lawyer is consulted, the lower the risk of conflicts or aggravation of conflicts.

How to consult a family law chennai divorce lawyer?

Whether you want to divorce, get custody of your children, adopt a child or resolve an inheritance dispute, it is important to choose your family law Chennai divorce lawyer carefully.

Here are some tips for finding the right chennai divorce lawyer:

  1. Choose a chennai divorce lawyer who has already handled cases similar to yours. For example, if you want to get a divorce, choose a chennai divorce lawyer who can handle a divorce.
  2. Choose a chennai divorce lawyer who is available and attentive to his clients. He should try to understand your situation and give you clear advice. If during a first interview, you find that the chennai divorce lawyer does not meet these criteria, go your way!
  3. Choose a chennai divorce lawyer who offers a package rather than an hourly payment. It will cost you less.
  4. Avoid choosing a friend or acquaintance as a chennai divorce lawyer.

How much does a family law chennai divorce lawyer cost?

The cost of providing a family law Chennai divorce lawyer is closely related to the complexity of the case.

For hourly payments, please contact us below. A first consultation with a family law chennai divorce lawyer is free of cost.

If your case is complex and involves litigation, it is often better to opt for a flat fee .

Note: Contested divorce can be more expensive than mutual divorce. A divorce by mutual consent divorce can cost much lesser per spouse.

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How to choose a family Lawyer in Chennai?
In your internet search today you would have noticed how many law firms claim to be dealing with family and personal law. Not all of these attorneys are really industry experts. Many have recently “dived” into family law because this matter is more relevant today.
Therefore, one must be very careful in choosing one’s Chennai Divorce Lawyer in Chennai when it comes to deciding one’s life. A wrong or hasty choice can be really fatal.
He does not deal with other subjects that conflict. Therefore, to fall into the trap of some ambiguous or “sponsored” sites of self-styled matrimonial Chennai Divorce Lawyer in Chennai. By now the net has become a jungle.
For years, in fact, it is recommended that compulsory specialization in family law, juvenile and people for becoming successful divorce lawyer. In fact, there is no more delicate and complex matter than the familiar one.
Anyone who improvises marriage Chennai Divorce Lawyer in Chennai is simply an unconscious. The citizen who entrusts a family case to the first Chennai Divorce Lawyer in Chennai he meets on his own street is equally unconscious.
Hari G Ramasubramanian, advocate in Chennai has structured his practice on a multidisciplinary level, with a panel including Psychiatrists, psychologists, forensic doctors and criminologists. There are, in fact, complex and violent family affairs that need other professionals to adequately face a trial both in civil and especially in criminal cases.
Hari G Ramasubramanian, advocate in Chennai therefore deals with everything that concerns the family legally, both in civil and criminal matters and with everything that concerns the rights of individuals.
We are a pool of professionals capable of organizing any type of process.
It is not credible, nowadays, a law firm that has competences only to deal with family law in civil proceedings, when it is sadly known that separations and divorces are often unfortunately characterized by serious facts of criminal relevance.
It is absolutely clear that the true specialized matrimonial Chennai Divorce Lawyer in Chennai also enjoys greater credibility and authority in the forensic and judicial environment.
The multifaceted experience of my study has allowed me to face many delicate processes at a high level before the judges of every grade of judgment.
The true marriage Chennai Divorce Lawyer in Chennai must be able to manage both the counterparty and his client, aiming more at the solution than at the “victory at any cost”.
Conflict in certain separation and divorce situations must always be kept under control because, in the long run, it can become dangerous and harmful for the children disputed by their irresponsible parents.
The warmongering Chennai Divorce Lawyer in Chennai is the first enemy of the people.
But in addition to the indispensable technical-scientific skills, in order to be defined as good Chennai Divorce Lawyer in Chennai in this sector, it is necessary to demonstrate uncommon human skills .
This type of professional, in my submissive opinion:

  • it must be open to cultural changes in society;
  • he must not always endorse every request from his client (if it is prejudicial to his children) nor must he be forced to impose defensive strategies even at the cost of not accepting assignments or renouncing mandates;
  • it must guarantee minors the possibility of maintaining relationships with both indispensable parental figures in the context of safeguarding big-parenting;
  • A good divorce must not be a slave to his personal experiences, to political, religious ideologies, neither his own nor the client’s, nor to blindly believe the versions of his clients (who are often the “worst enemies” of the Chennai Divorce Lawyer in Chennai);
  • The best divorce lawyer must not “cheer” on women or men; he must be a balanced person, respectful of his sacred function but also of that of the magistrate and his opponent’s colleague;
  • The Chennai family lawyer must not damage the other party except to protect rights and interests worthy of protection, always trying to mediate as far as possible;
  • The lawyer must safeguard the family and educate their client to respect the other spouse, even in cases where the conflict is serious;
  • The Lawyer must try to mediate and consensualise the procedures in order to reduce time, costs and conflicts, also through its own qualified consultants;
  • The advocate must update himself daily;
  • The advocate must help young colleagues in vocational training.

How to choose a Chennai Divorce Lawyer?

It is not easy, in a situation of this type, to calmly face the evaluation in order to one’s defender. In fact, since it is a new experience and characterized by particular contingencies, the task is often given hastily, not taking into account some aspects that should instead guide one’s choice. To facilitate those who face this kind of situation, we have identified five.

The proximity of the Chennai Divorce Lawyer to the forum where the trial is to take place

It seems trivial, but a criterion that should not be underestimated is related to the location of the law firm of the Chennai Divorce Lawyer compared to the competent court.

The proximity to the court of jurisdiction represents several advantages for the defender and therefore for the client, including, of course, having less expenses. The further advantage of the proximity of the forum is linked to the knowledge of the practices of the court seised. Family law proceedings often face issues related to court practice, of which it is good that your defender has knowledge.

Competence in the field of family and matrimonial law

The divorce or matrimonial lawyer is such because he is used to dealing with family law issues. A professional with different specializations or skills will hardly have the due expeditiousness in dealing with the particular circumstances that arise in the context of marital separation or divorce. It is not a question of mere legal issues, but above all of having a very particular and “psychologically” oriented approach.

The updating and the familiarity of the Chennai Divorce Lawyer with the new assisted negotiation procedures

The preparation and competence in the field of family and matrimonial law may often not be sufficient to give due speed to the practice of consensual separation or joint divorce. The recent institution of assisted negotiation allows spouses to reach separation in a very short time, without resorting to the court. In a few interviews with the law firm it is now possible to obtain a document completely equivalent to a separation sentence. The judicial process for obtaining the separation sentence (even if consensual) is however much longer and takes several months. The road is marked in these phases:

Conferral of the professional assignment to the Chennai Divorce Lawyer

After the presentation of the application to the Judge of the competent Chennai family court; he judge delegated by the president of the court issues a decree setting a hearing. Usually the hearing of separation or divorce is fixed after about six months from the decree setting the hearing;
If the spouses agree on everything related to consensual separation (or joint divorce), the homologation decree must be awaited.
The assisted negotiation procedure can instead consist of only two studio meetings, a few days apart from each other:
In the first meeting it will be possible to stipulate an assisted negotiation agreement;
In the second study meeting it will be possible to enter into a separation agreement;
The agreement will be sent to the Public Prosecutor for authorization (in the presence of the couple’s minor children),
At that point the authorized agreement will be sent to the Municipality responsible for the transcription .
In about one month it will be possible to be separated .

However, not all lawyers are in favor of the assisted negotiation procedure which, although much shorter, can lead to serious financial penalties for the professional who transmits the agreements for late transcription in the Municipality (the deadline is ten days).

Transparency on the costs of separation or divorce proceedings – the written estimate of the lawyer

Being a Chennai Divorce Lawyer, we always give a written quote after the initial consultation with the client. In cases where the exact figure cannot be arrived at, an indicative divorce legal fess shall be given beforehand.

The availability of the Divorce Lawyer in Chennai

A good divorce lawyer must always be available on calls and emails to the clients so to enable them to vent out their issues. Clearly, this aspect must be based on good faith and respect: communications must always be metered, and it is important to maintain a serene and non-compulsive relationship with your professional.

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