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Top Divorce Lawyer in Chennai

Top Divorce Lawyer in Chennai.

Every Family Dispute like a divorce, child custody, or demand for maintenance takes a toll on the family, including the little children. We seek to address that and more.

We specialize in dealing the complex family matters and try to resolve them in the simplest manner possible. Our priority is ending family disputes, at the earliest. We truly believe that every dispute, however complex it is, has a simpler solution.

Finding simpler solutions for complex family issues

We know that complex family problems need a lot of time to be cured. It requires a multi-disciplinary approach.

Believe us, it has worked wonders.

How we work.


We want to listen to your issues. No two problems are the same and every client of ours has their own specific issues, which has brought them to us.


After we hear you, we break it down. The emotional aspects on one side, the legal aspects on the other, and what is your desire. We simplify the issues and then address the core.


We have seen that every problem has a solution. The solution may be through mediation or through Courts or through out-of-court settlements. We deploy a strategy that has worked best in the past, taking into consideration client’s best interest.

“Solutions are everywhere.

But, do you have the right Questions?”

Hari G. Ramasubramanian, Advocate

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We have professionally qualified family mediators and counselors who strive to resolve the core issues at the earliest.

We help our clients with frank legal opinions and advisory. We have few of the brightest minds involved in family dispute resolution.

We help our clients strategize their future course of action based on past cases decided by the High Courts and the Supreme Courts. This immensely helps our clients to position themselves and Aim for the Best.


We do not recommend contested litigation unless all other avenues have been exhausted. But when the compelling circumstances demand contested litigation, we ensure you have the best minds in place. Every decision is taking after thorough research. Nothing is left to chance.

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