Top 3 Ideas to choose Divorce Lawyer in Chennai

What does a Divorce Lawyer in Chennai do?

A Divorce Lawyer in Chennai is engaged in legal support of the entire divorce process from beginning to end, both in courts and in pre-trial order.

This Divorce Lawyer in Chennai such as Indian Family Law Center has deep knowledge not only in divorce jurisprudence but also in the psychology of family relations, which makes his participation in solving the problem not only desirable but also necessary.

We provide the following among other services:

  • Development of a defense strategy and the formation of several scenarios for the end of the divorce;
  • Assistance in determining the value of joint property and its division;
  • Collection and compilation of all kinds of documents that is required for filing of divorce in Chennai;
  • Protection of the legitimate interests of the principal in the courts, even in his absence;
  • Providing legal advice , details of which you can read in one of the articles in our magazine;
  • Appeal against court decisions in higher instances.
  • Complete counselling services
  • Mediation between the couple to ensure that the issues are resolved amicably without having to litigate the issues.

These are just the basic services of a Divorce Lawyer in Chennai. Each of them consists of many legally significant actions, the sequence, and essence of which are clear only to a specialist.

There are times when you might not require the help of Divorce Lawyer in Chennai – sometimes it is enough to get competent legal advice to achieve the desired result.

When you need the services of a Divorce Lawyer in Chennai – an overview of the TOP 3 main reasons

If, after several years of family life, the spouses decide to disperse without any claims to each other, then they can do this simply by contacting the registry office – provided that they do not have minor children.

However, there are situations when such a simplified procedure is not applicable and the assistance of a Divorce Lawyer in Chennai is required. Consider the main reasons for such situations.

Reason 1. Lack of consent to the divorce of one of the spouses

Spouses do not always come to a common opinion about their future cohabitation. Often one of them “stands in a pose” and does not want to get divorced under any pretext. In this case, the Divorce Lawyer in Chennai’s task is to convince the opposite side of the uselessness of legal costs and resolve the issue peacefully.

If it was not possible to reach an agreement, then the Divorce Lawyer in Chennai provides legal assistance in initiating and conducting the trial. His task is to convince the judge of the validity of the claims of the principal to his spouse and the impossibility of maintaining marital relations.

Reason 2. The presence of common minor children

Since in the divorce process the state primarily protects the interests of children, if there are children in the family, only the judge makes a decision on divorce. In this regard, questions may arise about the further placement of minors. Often parents do not agree on who their children will live with, making claims against each other.

One of our past publications describes the activities of a family law attorney . Thanks to his knowledge, such a specialist can competently understand the situation and provide the judge with a reasonable conclusion about the possibility of raising a child by one or another parent.

Reason 3. Evasion of one of the spouses from the divorce procedure

This is another reason why registry offices cannot divorce spouses. One of them avoids appearing in every possible way, not only the registry office, but also in court.

How can a divorce lawyer in Chennai help if one of the spouse is not willing for divorce?

In this case, the Divorce Lawyer in Chennai helps to draw up documents, write an application for a divorce through the court, and, if necessary, find the “evader”. When it is not possible to convince him to appear in court, the Divorce Lawyer in Chennai takes all measures so that the judge can make a decision without the other side.

How can I contact Divorce Lawyer in Chennai?

You can find the contact information for Divorce Lawyer in Chennai here.


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